Skull Joy Society

A unique collection of 4444 unique Skull Joys, stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ready to reap the Metaverse 🪐


Our Roadmap


Post Sell-out

Long term Holders (30 days or more) of 2+ SJS NFTs will have access to a free drop of a new NFTs collection.




We decided to donate 5% for nonprofit organisations that helps with funeral costs. We will let our community decide which charities we are going to donate for.


Creation of the SJS token with NFT staking features

Members who hold one or more SJS NFT will be rewarded with a unique project token for contributing the success of the community. SJS NFTs will be backed by an equity stake in the SJS treasury, our holders will be rewarded with this token based off the treasury earnings. Staking has endlessly applications and we welcome any additional suggestions from the community!!


Exclusive Events

We love to party 🍾 we will grant our Holders access to very exclusive events and private parties.


Merchandising Release

Holders will have access to high quality merch (caps/t shirts/sweatshirts..).

Meet Our Team



The Founder & Dev


The Founder & Community Manager


The Co Founder

Sute Arts

The Artist


POAP Manager and Social Media Assistant


Head Moderator



1. Connect your metamask wallet, make sure your wallet is funded.
2, Click on Mint Button and click approve transaction and done.

I was hanging with a friend and we had the idea to invest in our own project since we believed in many other projects and worked hard for many other projects but still unfortunately got rugged. This whole experiences has definitely brought us a lot of learning and we got all sources to start our project so we thought about it and said why not working hard on our own? we got a vision we setup our goal our path and started on our own project called SKULL JOY SOCIETY. We have faith in the project and we thank all the people who do. We will never stop working on this project 🔥

SJS Holders will have access to a free drop of a new NFTs collection.
Creation of SJS Token with staking features.
Holders will get access to exclusive Events (Fifa World Cup 2022 tickets,Private parties etc.).
Merchandise (Caps/T-Shirts/Sweatshirts..).

Our loyal Holders will get access to exclusive perks, events and merchandise.

You will be able to trade NFTs on Secondary marketplace. Our priority is to list all collections on Opensea.

Skull joy NFTs will be backed by an equity stake in the SJS treasury, the name of the token will be $SJS, however Our holders will be rewarded with SJS token airdrops based off of treasury earnings. Each month, SJS treasury management will publish a treasury report in order to keep SJS members informed of the treasury’s holdings and earnings.